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In my study and quest, I want to explore the understanding that teachers have of what integration means. I set out to find clarity about the degree of understanding that teachers in the current South African situation have about the meaning of integration in the curriculum. How they implement that understanding in practice, within and specifically between Learning Areas (Subjects) since implementation of the new curriculum?

The link between Mathematics and EMS that pertain to the concepts can become confusing to the learners and teachers must clarify it so that learners develop a better understanding. Take the concept “product” as an example. At this level (grade 7) teachers need to re-emphasize that the answer to a multiplication operation (123- the multiplicand x 2- the multiplier = 246 the product) will be identified or termed “the product” in word sums. The mathematics teacher needs also to clarify to learners that the same concept with the same spelling will have a different meaning when it is used in the learning area EMS. In EMS “the product” is referred to as the end result of articles (clothing, cars, electronic equipment, etc.) that was manufacture, assembled, constructed or created. The link would also be that it is used as the end result in both the learning areas after some operation that took place to come to the product.

As the study unfolds the other concepts that I have chosen have more or less a similar link or connection between the two learning areas and will be explained in later chapters of the study.

Within this study I aimed to elicit the types of integration that comes to the fore between Mathematics and Economic Management Sciences (EMS) at grade 7 level. The Mathematics Policy (2003) mentions that even though the LA‟s are learning programmes, it is possible for teachers to integrate in order to enrich teaching learning and assessment and I looked at how and why grade seven teachers see relationships between the two learning areas Mathematics and EMS.

I give a brief academic and professional background of the teachers that I worked with to present a better perspective of the respondents and their academic and educational credentials in order to qualify for participation in my study. The information about the teachers is the basis that was used to clearly discriminate why these two teachers were selected to participate in the study. Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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