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Rationale for the study

The shift from the traditional curriculum to the new curriculum (C2005) in 1998 brought with it novice situations in teaching. Learning Areas were introduced as integrated subjects relating and sharing time frames like EMS (Economic Management Science) and MLMMS (Mathematics Mathematical Literacy and Mathematical Science). During the revision of the curriculum and the formation of NCS the MLMMS resorted back to Mathematics and Mathematical literacy, but EMS remained. It is important to realise is that EMS was never taught in the levels below Standard Seven (Grade 9) or in Primary schools prior to 1998 in South African Schools. Teachers did not receive any formal training for teaching EMS prior to 1998. EMS at higher levels was taught as separate Subjects (LA‟s) as subjects like Economics, Business Economics, Commerce and Management systems and at high school level only.

EMS as a learning area is fairly new at the current grade seven level. It is already an integrated Learning Area (subject) consisting of different subjects (Economics, Leadership and management, Entrepreneurship) and financial knowledge. I therefore argue that EMS has open boundaries or blurred boundaries with weak classification (boundaries insulating learning areas) and weak framing (type of content selected by teachers or policy makers). The latter terms will be explained later in the Theoretical Framework. The assumption in this study is that educators teaching this subject need to be open to the issue of integrated teaching and integrating subjects in a predominantly integrated curriculum (Bernstein 1996).


The research Problem

Many questions come to mind when we look at integration between learning areas. The questions become even more when we look at the new curriculum and the implementation thereof. In my study I needed to phrase my questions in such a manner that I actually explore and find focused answers within the scope and purpose of my study, which is specifically based on integration between mathematics and economical management science and how these teacher interact with content and concepts across these two learning areas.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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