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concept have different meanings.. However, in EMS the same concept can be used in the same conceptual understanding of mathematical expanded notation to divide the total assets of a company (R 1230 = R 1000- Fixed Assets + R200 -Stock + R30 Cash)

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    Process integration (between disciplines and real life situation, when welders, builders and

engineers use geometrical figures (triangles, squares and rectangles), operational measurements and tools to strengthen their frames.

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    Methodological integration and (using a method from one discipline in another discipline, using

calculations in geometry to work out area and circumferences on maps that was drawn at a certain, ratio and in scale )

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    Thematic integration (using a theme to integrate two or more disciplines, using HIV as a theme

for statistics in mathematics, to teach life skills in Life orientations, to show the growth or falling of the economy due to human resources in EMS or to broaden vocabulary in languages, as well as relevant content in all other LA‟s for a specific time frame in a learning period or term)

My study is related to content integration, which speaks to the integration between two learning areas, according to Davidson (1995). My study concentrate specifically on the integration of mathematics with economic management sciences and the concepts I use are also concepts from the EMS curriculum. The need to explore if teachers understand these different types of integration types evolves from the questions in the study. Like a ratio example from mathematics;

Divide R 500 in the ratio 2:3. 2+3=5

R500 5

= R100

2 × R100 = R200 3 × R 100 = R300

EMS will use the ratio in some of the profit mark ups determining the selling price. Cost price R100; mark up 30%.

Selling price

130 100


100 1

= R 130.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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