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PCK of the teachers, in my study, need to be explored in order to elicit the relational understanding that the two teachers exposed in terms of the content of their learning areas in, across and with the other learning areas.

According to Assan (2008) a study conducted by Leveson (2003) on how academics practice their education approach with first year university accounting students found that what teachers view as pertinent student understanding for learning is robustly related to how they implement their practice. Educators who are adopting a teacher-focused approach seem to consider only subject knowledge to be relevant. In her study into the process of discovery of intra-individual variation in accounting teaching, Leveson (2003) mentioned that it is imperative to ask the correct question as well as for the teacher to be entirely obvious about what it is you are require from your subjects and your data.

As mentioned before, teachers have a task of paramount importance in terms of understanding and integrating learning areas. The aim of this research study is to explore the above mentioned statements in practice, the relation it threads with the relevant literature and how concept mapping add to the substance and form of the methodology.

Bolte (1999) did a study using concept mapping with three undergraduate mathematics course students and found that the students saw this method to enhance their mathematical knowledge in an enjoyable, but also effective manner. The result of Bolte‟s (1999) study brought to the fore the value of concept mapping followed by written essays. According to Wilcox (1998) concept mapping give more insight into the students understandings and the type of relationships they connect in and across domains. The concept maps supply valuable insight into the central ideas of the students and how these ideas are linked and connected. In order for teacher to engage with the concept map method, they have to understand the methodology of concept mapping. In this study the exploration is towards teachers and their engagement with concept mapping and a visual in dept sight into the understanding of the learners.

Using the concept map with the teachers gives the researcher a visual of the teachers understanding in relation to the two learning areas, mathematics and EMS (Williams (1998). It Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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