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on each other‟s disciplines in order to make the discipline that they are teaching more explicit and clear to their learners. How the teachers relate and interact cognitively between the concepts of the two different disciplines and how they use the concepts across the two disciplines in the quest to clarify the concepts in their discipline by using the relevance of the concepts from the other discipline. Is the socialization of teachers (EMS and Mathematics) into the current curriculum practice evident and how the transformation process from the old socialized curriculum to the new is implemented in practice? The notion of scaffolding referring to the significant knowledgeable other who gives assistance and guidance to the student or learner can also be related to my study in the sense that in mathematics the mathematics teachers will lead the integration to other subjects with the teachers of other learning areas. When EMS needs to be integrated the EMS teacher will be the knowledgeable other taking the lead.

These theories will guide the data analyses. This relate back to Schulman‟s (1986) notion of knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge across domains, concepts (interest; product; graph; ratio; salary and expand), learning areas and disciplines (EMS and Mathematics). The zone of proximal development (ZPD) will then be determined by the concepts that need to be understood from the two learning areas proposing to be integrated at the time of learning and teaching thereof. In this case it is the area of mathematics and EMS (Vygotsky (1978).

The ZPD refers to the possible knowledge that the student can learn in a specific situation and time frame. The ZPD is also limited to the knowledge available to learn from the more knowledgeable other, but this is not the ceiling of learning for the student as s/he can move on to a new teacher with more knowledge and continue in this fashion Vygotsky (1978). Learners are also given an opportunity to explore the similarities and differences of the same concepts in context to the relevant learning area in use (EMS or Mathematics).

The latter fit into my study, because as mentioned earlier that the knowledge available from the different experts in order to guide each other from the different areas of legitimate text and context can inter change. It also brings to light that the old timer (master) and the newcomer in a

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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