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learning situation can be occupied by the same individual depending on the Learning Area, situation and context of the discourse at that given moment.(Lave and Wenger1993).

2.5 Situated theory

Lave and Wenger, (1993) is developed and in line with the socio- constructivist theory. I would like to relate this situated apprenticeship to learning and teaching in contemporary South African Education practices and the application thereof in teaching and how this notion link to socialization and socio cultural constructivist theory and to my study.

According to Lave and Wenger (1991) legitimate peripheral participation is when learners inevitably participate in communities of practitioners in order to acquire the skills and knowledge of that practice. In the acquisition of the skills and knowledge of the practice the learners will become a member and full participant or old-timer of the community in question. Every school has its own culture of learning and teaching, this is a practice where the practitioner determines the rules and regulations to guide and direct the norms and standards of the practice. This will influence the apprenticeship at the school. Hence, the teacher is seen as the master and the learners are seen as the apprentice.

In this study two teachers; one mathematics teacher and one EMS teacher; need to interact and interchange these two roles to assist each other. Meaning that the determining factor of who is master or new comer would be dependant on the expert in the learning area. When the concept is taken from mathematics the mathematics teacher will be the master and the other way around for the EMS concepts. In this study the concepts are taken from the EMS curriculum but shared by both learning areas and hence the anticipation of the integration, differences and similarities of the concepts to be elicited.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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