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Even though teachers agreed to participate in my study I applied to get permission from authorities to do the research study in their institutions and followed the ethical path to be fair and just to my respondents and to protect their integrity and rights. Respondents were also informed that they may withdraw from the study at any given time if they wish to do so and that they will not be receiving any form of remuneration or incentives for participating in the study. According to Opie 2004 research comes into people‟s lives that are the focus in various ways and involves them into activities that take up their time. They provide researchers with information and privileged knowledge about them that gives the researchers power over them. My assumption was that because the respondents in my study were also students and did research projects of their own, it made them more receptive to participating in my research project.

Setati 2005 argues that there are hierarchical Powers and individual power at play when doing research at schools that can deny researchers access to school. These capital „P‟ powers are relating to authorities in education like Principals and the Department of Education. I applied and informed the Gauteng (South African) department of Education for ethics clearance, to the District Office of Johannesburg Central region and to the Ethics committee of the university where I am improving my qualifications. All these institutions gave me clearance to conduct my research at the institutions that I identified. As mentioned earlier there is also the power relations with the small „p‟ relating to the teachers, learners and their parents that can veto the researchers. I also applied for approval and clearance from all relevant stake holders (School Management and relevant Teachers) within my study to be granted as permission to do the case study and to include them in the study. The focus will be primarily on the teachers because they are the designated implementers of the policy and they were all older then 30 years of age.

I revealed my plan to follow my Master‟s degree with a PhD directly after the completion of the Master‟s and I therefore asked all my subjects for permission to store the data collected in a safe and secure environment in order for me to use it at a later stage to further analyse and utilize for my studies and for journal and other publications whilest protecting their identity in keeping them anonymous. The evidence will be destroyed by fire after five years. The latter will happen only with the complete and full consent of all relevant stake holders at the relevant time and situation. After everything all evidence will be destroyed by combustion. Anonymity will stay at Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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