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observing and recording the respondents and whether the researcher interpreted or attached connotation to the data can be determined from the latter process that I mentioned. The attachment of transcripts and the scanned original concept maps can attest the argument as I bring it forward. Interpretive validity is clearly evident in the research based upon the respondent‟s inputs, concepts and reflected in their own words. This is reflected as inserts directly quoted from the transcripts and in the language and own words of the interviewees.

The theoretical validity, as argued by Maxwell (1992), is concurred by the fact that the research community have interacted with the construct of theory that I bring to the fore. As mentioned in the theoretical frame I bring the constructs of social, situated and Bernsteinian constructs. After the data collection and the interviews and transcribed tape recordings I analysed the data using the framework that I based on the Bernstein a concepts of classification. Classification in this study was used in the same way that Bernstein (1982) describes the insulation between the two learning areas. When the integration was blurred, open, flowing and easy I described it to be weak classification, because it allowed interaction between the two Learning Areas. In the opposite situation when the integration is not allowed and the insulation between the two Learning Areas is not flowing, strong insulated and close, I referred to the interaction between the two Learning Areas as strongly classified.

However, Bernstein (1982) does not give any option to describe a middle ground between these two options, so I bring in another category of referring to the classification between the two learning areas to be fair. In this study Fair classification will be equivalent to teachers recognizing the integration that can or should take place between the Learning Areas but does not apply it. The data was also looked at from the point of view where teachers just recognize the integration and where teachers realize the integration. In the realization of the integration the teacher implements the integration between the two Learning areas and hence referred to as strong realization and recognition. When the integration is just recognized and not implemented the realization and recognition are referred to as weak.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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