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4.1 Introduction

In this chapter I used related literature as a guide and a typological starting point in order to organize the data that I have collected via created concept maps, tape recorded interviews and the transcribed interviews with the respondents. I organized the data in table form to highlight the different ways in which the teachers employed integration, initially between the given concepts taken from the EMS curriculum statement and thereafter between the two learning areas, Mathematic and Economic management Sciences. The raw data that the tables are derived from is captured in Appendix A, after the references, for verification purposes. It is imperative to re- iterate that even though the six concepts is taken from the EMS curriculum, the same concepts is also mathematical terms and regularly used in the mathematical discourse.

As I discuss the data collected I will refer to specific utterances from the transcribed interviews and insert quotations from the transcribed interviews at certain points in the discussion. The transcripts that compiled from the interviews is attached to this document as Appendix A and the reader are referred to interact with the transcripts as it will elicit a clearer understanding of the data that I analyse for the purpose of this study and as mentioned earlier to add validity and reliability to the tables that is created within this chapter. The concept maps that the respondents drew are presented in the raw form to indicate exactly the manner in which both teachers presented their thoughts on paper followed by the analyses thereof.

4.2 Interpretations of concept maps and interviews

The literature have indicated that the concept maps was going to be limited to key linking words or phrases, which can be confusing or misinterpreted, it was necessary to follow it up with the tape recorded and transcribed interviews. The latter was also confirmed during the pilot study and clear typological categories were elicited. The categories of weak (W), strong (S) and fair

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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