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Both concept maps from the respective teachers indicate that the teachers see a link between the concepts and a link between the two learning areas. However the degree of the links that that see is at the level of recognition and the realization fall short (Bernstein, 1978)

Mrs. K. saw the concept map as easier then writing a test, because you can give many meanings to one concept and Mr. M. is in agreement with the latter. In his view the concept map can be followed to and through different channels. Mr. M feels that when given a concept map exercise it will have to be limited and Mrs. K. Feels that the learners should first internalize the concepts and only thereafter will the concept map method be an enhancement to the process of learning.

Mrs. K actually mentions that the concept map will be a better form of assessment in the case where learners are conversant of the concepts and the meanings thereof.

Interviewer: So, Let say hypothetically, they know the concepts. You have explained it and now you want to do an assessment. You have explained to them concept mapping. Will you use it? Do you think they will enjoy it more then a test? Mrs. K: Yes, Yes. Then they will. If I am sure they know what the concepts are, then it will be easier for me as an educator to keep track and find out who, exactly and how much they (the learners) know and who does not understand and to what degree.

Mr. M felt that after the concrete stage of learning, the learners can then be introduced to concept mapping. His view is that concept Mapping is to broad for the learners and it needs to be directed and guided to obtain what the teacher wants to achieve with the learners.

Interviewer: Let‟s see. Do you think you would use a concept map in your class room as form of assessment? Mr. M: I would to a certain extent, yes. I think it needs to be limited. As I have explained to you earlier it is broad. Forming concepts and to use it as a form of a class test. I think especially with the, taking the learners abilities into consideration. So I think when using this you need to strategise it, as to what it is that you want to achieve.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

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