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Mr. M prefers that the manner in which the concept map is used should be guided by formation in order to get a certain and predetermined outcome.

Both Teachers recognized that integration is supposed to take place between learning areas. This is an indication of content integration between two disciplines, and in this study between Mathematics and Economic Management Sciences. Mrs. K explained that the learning areas are related in term of outcomes from different learning areas. She mentions an interwoven link between learning area outcomes that brings my understanding that she sees it as some kind of learning proficiency that needs to be obtained or reached.

Interviewer: Ok. What does integration in the NCS mean to you? Mrs. K: I would say where we somehow inter link and intertwine the Learning Areas, where they somehow come to a certain Line and say this learning outcome of this learning area can go with this learning outcome of this learning area. That is how I understand integration.

According to Mr. M., integration is a system that shows the learner the importance of concepts that cut across a variety of learning areas. He argues that integrating concepts of different learning areas elicit the importance of the concepts in the sphere of all the learning areas and hence making it clearer for the learner and the degree of understanding of the concept relatable to all other learning areas.

4.3 Categories of the data and interviews

In order to categorize the data on integration between the learning areas, mathematics and Economic Management Science, within the scope of this study I drew table one to indicate how the two learning areas are seen to integrate by the two teachers. I included the view of the teachers in recognizing that the learning areas must integrate and the realization of, and implementing the integration between the two learning areas.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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