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The teacher even suggested means and ways to integrate the learning areas on a level of planning and preparation. Her suggestion is that the planning should happen in an integrated way and the mathematics teacher also mentions that the planning plays an important role.

The attitude from both teachers is receptive to teach integrated style, but at the moment they both admitted that they are not implementing the curriculum completely with integration between learning areas. Therefore the table show that the recognition about integration between the concepts of the learning areas to be strong. The relation and links that they draw between the learning areas are on paper and does not come to life in practice. Therefore the table show that the realization between the concepts of the learning areas and how they are implemented to be weak or fair.

According to Mr. M if there is any integration taking place between the Learning Areas in his class room it is happening unconsciously, cause he is not planning or teaching to make integration one of the key and explicit factors during his lessons. Mr. M recognize that integration at his institution between the two learning areas only takes place on paper and that mathematic does not necessary have to integrate with other learning areas cause it has certain “things” that cannot correlate with other learning areas.

The degree of integration that takes place from the mathematics teacher‟s perspective is that certain concepts in grade seven specifically that does not correlate with the context of other learning areas.

Mr. M: Sir. What I am saying is. It depends on how your department functions, because. Doing that as it is supposed to, because it is important for children to look at the broader picture. In that, this learning area is not more important then, that learning area. So, but what I have picked up is that when we have our context, it is the same and yes there are some Learning Areas that functions right across the board. However the implementation of this new curriculum and them stating that grade seven, especially grade seven, it is not necessary for the maths department to function within the context of the school ,because it is believed that there are certain things that

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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