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. Mr. M see expand in EMS terms as opportunities. Looking at the concept map and the follow up explanation that Mr. M gives for expand during the interview as captured in Appendix A, column 61 and 62, my understanding of this opportunity that Mr. M speaks about is one to make money from or an opportunity to expand a business.


Mr. M:

Yes, I think maybe you need to give me the mathematical explanation of expand and the one you just gave me. Is what? It is more a? How will you explain expand in the Maths class. Well, that I would say how it can be used. Normally, if you look at the word expand it will go with challenges, right. Which means you will now need to define the word expand in a mathematical term where the learners is now able to see that, excuse me, this how I can determine what ever it is I want to do. Like an example, the children wanted to buy themselves products in America. They came back. Now what I have done was. I said how many dollars you paid for it. So immediately I said ok, this is your opportunity. You paid 120 dollars for your I-pot. The rate in South Africa is like 6 to 6.95. So that is an opportunity for that child to see, hey, is it comparing the prices when visiting other countries.

There is no mention of multiplying out brackets or the distributive law. At primary level it speaks to the expansion of numbers in an amount to indicate the place value of that number as it id multiplied by the unit. Although my argument is that Mr. M is relating to the EMS understanding and explanation of “expand” it needs to emphasise that Mr. M. is actually implicitly integrating mathematics and EMS. He himself is also not aware of the fact that he is integrating the concept from mathematics to EMS. It is however imperative to be aware that the specific language of mathematics and the terminology that make it explicit is not coming very strong to the fore from Mr. M.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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