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Interviewer: Now we are going to look at certain concepts that you linked. Ok let‟s start on top here. Salary. You linked salary to, let go this side. Mrs. K: If I do not with draw money or if I keep it there for a specific time frame, then I know I will get interest on that.

The EMS teacher (Mrs. K) linked salary to math and to purchase of products in the EMS context and to real life situations. Mrs. K mentioned that certain mathematical concepts become confusing (ratio). She brings a clear picture to the fore of her understanding of mathematical terms and brings other relevant concepts in with ratio, like division and also mentions that there is a borrowing of concepts between learning areas. Mrs. K. explains the concept of expand in mathematics in terms of the place value of numbers and the unit values of the numbers according to the place it is situated within the amount. This type of explanations was implicitly not represented by the mathematics teachers. Mrs. K. is tacitly exposing integration when she mentions borrowing of concepts from one discipline (Mathematics) to another (EMS).

Interviewer: Ok, the graph? Mrs. K: The graph I still think it is the mathematical term that we use to divine or draw to explain what we have. We can use graphs. Like, we would borrow the graphs from the mathematics, but use then effectively in the economics to be able to look at the bigger picture.

According to Mrs. K certain concepts are shared between different learning areas and the learning areas borrow the concepts across and within the context of the learning areas as it becomes necessary. This is an indication that the EMS teacher is blurring the boundaries between learning areas.

Mrs. K argues that if the same teacher teachers both learning areas to the same grade it confuses the learners. My deduction from this statement is that the learners associate a learning area with a person (teacher) and if that person is associated with more then one learning area it becomes confusing to them. I deduced from the interview with Mrs. K that the reason why she has a better understanding of mathematical concepts is because she is also teaching mathematics to a lower

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

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