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latter indicates that integration is favored but not practically implemented in practice. It might be due to the fact that the concept was taken from the EMS curriculum or it might be because the EMS teacher is integrating relationally across the learning areas and therefore have a clearer grasp and understanding that is relational sound. The latter therefore implies that relational understanding with weak boundaries and a stronger framing with flexible input from other domains lead to a higher degree of understanding.

Even though this study was not focused on to determine the level of understanding of the teachers content knowledge, it was interesting to find that; in line with the argument the Shulman (1985) bring to the fore in terms of the content knowledge that teachers need to understand; the content knowledge of teachers need to be studied, both within and across the relevant learning areas that they are teaching

4.4 Conclusion

I have indicated certain key elements that come to the fore in the dissecting of the data collected. I have used inserts that was taken from the transcripts that the respondents uttered and data that was organized according to related literature and theories of construct to inform the arguments and interpretations that is elicited.

I have indicated analyses deduced from the concept maps and the followed up interviews. The indicating reasons and explanations for certain understandings that will inform the findings of this study and the generalization that can be made as the study draws to a close in order to answer the critical questions.Change in our approach towards teaching is bound to have a great influence in both realization and recognition rules for teachers and learners. It is important to note that shifts from strongly classified collection codes to more flexible and weakly classified collection codes can create ambiguity that leaves the recognition and realization rules intangible. In the following chapter I aim to answer the critical questions that were raised by this study and based on the data analyses that dissecting of the interviews and concept maps.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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