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Both teachers are recognizing that integration in teaching and teaching methods should be applied. Teachers are aware of the integrated relationship that exists between the two learning areas, Mathematics and Economic Management Science. Both teachers agree that the concepts between the two learning areas are common and have similar or completely different meanings. The recognition in the implementation of the integrated manner of teaching is not explicit enough. Both teachers admit that they do not teach their learners in the integrated method of teaching. It appears from the interview and the concept maps, that there is some form of integration taking place, but it is tacit, unintentional and unconsciously done to make learners aware of similarities or differences that occurs between these two learning areas. Hence, learners might find it confusing when they interact with the same concepts in the different contexts of the two different learning areas.

Planning was mentioned by both teachers. They argue that if the planning process takes place in an integrated fashion, collectively and co-operatively it will add and make a significant improvement to develop the integrated curriculum. The planning process in an integrated way, require from educators to plan collectively and in this process it takes away certain powers of authority from certain learning areas and the teachers in control of those learning area. Hence, there is a problem of certain educators to collectively plan and prepare themes, lessons and time frames. The latter definitely contribute to the reluctance of the new integrated curriculum to become more substantially implemented. Thematic integration were pushed with the older curriculum 2005 when themes were given to the teachers by the departmental officials to do collective planning around. Some of the themes were based on Personal development, HIV Aid, Environment and so on, but teachers in certain learning areas complained that they cannot align the content of the learning areas to the themes.

The two teachers in this study do not plan together (Process integration) or collectively (thematically) within a discipline (Discipline specifically) or across ( Content integration) any other discipline even though they are stationed at the same institution( methodological integration). The whole situation creates a strong play of power relations and segregation of learning areas.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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