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Deduced from the study as a whole there is very little situations created to integrate or to plan for integration in or across the learning areas, EMS and mathematics. Mr. m mentions a lot of a trip taken to America which can be labeled as process integration of linking the content to real life situations Mrs.. K. links the two learning areas with content integration, because she refers to the similarities or differences of the concepts between the two learning areas. The latter makes Mrs. K. look like the teacher that integrates in line with the study, because the study is directed to look for content integration because of the concepts between two Learning Areas.

5.2.2Answers to question two


What difference, if any, exists between relationships made by grade seven EMS teachers and those made by Mathematics teachers?

Even though the integration is more tacit then implicit, there is a clear difference between the styles of integration noticeable from the EMS teacher in contrast to that of the Mathematics teacher. The mathematics teacher in this study is more process integration and methodological integration orientated, while the EMS teacher is more Thematic and content integration orientated. The degree of fair relational link of the EMS teacher is weak with less insulation of boundaries between the learning areas and concepts from EMS then that of the mathematics teacher. The difference that exists between the relationship made by the EMS teacher and the mathematics teacher is significant. The classification of the EMS teacher is weak and the classification of the mathematics teacher is strong.

The difference is clear enough to elicit that the mathematics teacher is not relating concepts with the necessary efficiency or effectively. The EMS teacher on the other hand is making an effort to try and relate the content knowledge of concepts between the learning areas and between the concepts. The EMS teacher is more aware of the concepts in her learning area and in the mathematics that is elicited in these concepts. The mathematics teacher on the other hand is not showing the necessary content knowledge in his learning area and appears to be confused by the concepts.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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