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The EMS teacher (Mrs. K) has a fair understanding of the mathematical concepts and how they integrate with other learning areas. She understands well how these concepts integrate with her learning area and whether she is teaching the integrated way or not. She would like to teach in a related manner if the time allocation allows for her to do so.

The EMS teacher is well aware of the concepts and the meaning and understanding of these concepts in a mathematical context. The pedagogical content knowledge of he EMS teacher in terms of mathematics is at a high degree level. The EMS teacher seems to be moving between domains and integrating fairly and with weak boundaries of insulation.

This latter might be influenced by the dual teaching that is done by the EMS teacher. However the EMS teacher is predominantly an EMS education specialist. According to the EMS teacher, the very same aspect of dual learning area teaching, like the situation of the EMS teacher that also teach mathematics to the lower grades, leads to some confusion for the learners. According to the EMS teachers the learners associate a learning Area to an individual and if the individual teachers more then one learning area it creates integrated confusion of concepts and a problem for clear differentiation of the concepts according to learning area specification. In my view the latter can be turned oppositely and made clear by the individual who is teaching two or more learning areas, because the individual have more control in the clarification of concepts according to the learning area specification and differentiation.

My argument and in line with the theories and literature mentioned in this study that, clear conceptual differentiation and explanation of similarities to learners will lead to, relational, integrated, and realized and domain situated understanding. The teacher shows a fair understanding of the concept and how these concepts can be integrated across the two learning areas, but the integration is not implicitly applied in practice during lessons. The opportunities that present for integration in order to give learners a clear understanding of the similarities or differences that exists between the two learning areas are not capitalized on when the situation present therefore.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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