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5.3 Recommendations

There are some recommendations that I want to make o teachers, policy makers and researchers. These recommendations I make in the light and hope that this study have opened new debate on the matter of integration in the curriculum and the classification and framing of learning areas. The view is that there are limitations to this study and some suggestions to look at closing the gap left by this study.

5.3.1 Recommendations to teachers

It is becoming a serious concern that the gap between the intended integration type curriculum and the implemented curriculum is widening. Teachers seem to be not implementing the intended integration type curriculum, whether deliberately or tacit. The teachers in this study need to inter act with each other and the learning area concepts of different domains.

The situated theory as explained by Lave and Wenger (1991) teachers are situated in a specific learning area. The specific content of that learning area is specialized and the teacher is supposedly the expert, but relating exciting knowledge to relevant situations in other learning areas. Skemp (1976) is also refereeing to relational understanding as a better and more beneficial understanding of concepts. Controls and evaluation processes needs to be adjusted to fit in with the integrated style curriculum of learning and teaching, instead of looking for the completion of the syllabus. The emphasis should be on quality of teaching and understanding instead of the quantity that can be covered in a given set or time frame.

The foundation of strong understanding of concepts and the application of the same concepts in and across learning areas in order to emphasize the difference and or similarities of the same concepts in different disciplines, domains and learning areas are created in the lower levels of teaching. Flexible, integrated and relational teaching can prove to be more efficient and effective if it is explicitly and implicitly implemented. Teachers in this study need to read across domains and in and within other learning areas. Weaken the boundaries of classification and strengthen

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

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