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the framing between colleagues and the sequencing and of content. Plan collectively and enhance the relational differences and similarity that need to be elicited to learners with intend and effect. The teachers in this study need to improve their content knowledge in terms of the others „Learning areas. Improvement of across domains content knowledge will increase the level and degree of integration across and within heir learning areas.

5.3.2 Recommendation to policy makers

Resistance to embrace curriculum change by some of the teachers is a factor for concern and integration is a key concept of the national curriculum statement.. This, to a greater extent, delays and derails the process of implementation. According to Bernstein (1996) there is within an integrated curriculum situations where teachers interact to select the content and pedagogy to relate to the taught. Inline with the later and also in agreement with the socio constructivist theory of inter action and scaffolding from Vygotsky (1978), I recommend and suggest that planning takes the format of grade or phase groupings, course groupings and in an integration style. Encourage and suggest collective and thematic planning and the implementation of the principle of integration. Blur the boundaries between learning areas.

Train all teachers in order to emphasize that all the learning areas are important and that one is not superior to the other. It is hoped that those who propose changes to the curriculum will continuously try to interact with teachers so as to ensure that the transition ultimately becomes a success. This might be difficult as our whole country is emphasizing the importance and shortage of mathematics and Science teachers and this situation jettison the balance that is suppose to come with the new curriculum. Give thorough workshops to teachers on the different types of integration that can be used and the clarity the importance to know the difference. Look for links to intertwine concepts and to eliminate confusion of learners.

Encourage teachers to use more visual, flexible and bubbly methods of teaching in order to make learning and teaching more fun and exciting. Concept mapping, with proper follow up interviews, can be both a pedagogic tool and an assessment tool if used effectively and

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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