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efficiently. This tool can be used in all learning areas and it can as a tool enhance integration in, between and across learning areas.

5.3.3 Recommendations to researchers

To researchers that would like to follow up or do a similar study, I suggest that the method of class room observation be done and video recorded in order to view whether teachers are doing what they imply to be doing. In this regard it will also be clearer to analyze if the integration is not happening in action, the degree of integration and the type of integration that teachers are eliciting during practice in action. In this manner the data can bring to the fore exactly what teachers are doing in the classroom during implementation? A class room observation can then be followed up with concept mapping and interviews to triangulate the study.

In this study the EMS teachers is teaching both leaning areas at the same level and she mentioned that it could lead to the confusion of the learners‟ understanding of related concepts. The ideal situation would be to only allow one teacher per learning area, but it is not the status quo or what is taking place in the practical reality. The alternative would be to make sure that the dual learning area teacher is content and pedagogically clear about the implication of the concepts shared that has the same meaning or differ from the meaning of the other learning area. In this instance it is necessary to clarify and emphasize the conceptual similarity or difference within and across learning areas to the learners.

It appears that most research studies are focused on the higher levels of education in South Africa. At that level the most damage is done and remedial intervention is necessary. If more research within the level of primary schools in South Africa is activated, it will enhance the degree of quality education needed at the higher levels. I hope that this study provoke deeper need for similar studies at lower level of education.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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