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5.4 Conclusion

This section concludes certain findings from the data collected and analyzed, specifically for this situation and other situations similar to the situations of the case study. It however cannot generally assume that all situations in the education department, schools and teachers will reflect the same findings. These findings might be relevant and generalized to similar situations in the South African context of educational practice.

The relationship that grade seven Mathematics and EMS teachers make between concepts from EMS and related to mathematics is superficial and exclude in dept explanation. If there is a link, it is just mentioned for note and it is not made clear to the learners how the concepts integrate with other learning areas. In some instances it is not even done consciously. It might be elicited as incidental and just brushed over.

The EMS teacher is more aware of the integration potential then the mathematics teacher. The mathematics teacher is more focused on the mathematics in his learning area and does not give recognition to the fundamental value of the other learning areas.

Teachers in practice need to equip themselves with pedagogic content knowledge and inter act with the curriculum statement in order to speak from a perspective of knowledge in relation to integration. Teachers need to explore the types of integration and even elicit more types of integration that get elicited during practice of learning and teaching. This will add o the bank of types of integration in practice. I have highlighted a few findings of practices and a lot more can be found by fellow researchers, teachers and policy makers.

Teachers are trying to integrate and, in some instances, integrating (unconsciously) without planning to do so. However, it is clear that the teachers in the case study do not have a clear, but limited understanding of what it means to integrate. Teachers are not aware of the type of integration that they are suppose to use or even what type of integration they are using when they do integrate.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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