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The type of links and relationships that the teachers in this study drew between concepts of the two learning areas mathematics and EMS is based on the understanding they have of the other learning area. If the teacher has a limited understanding of the other learning area it makes the link and the blurring of insulation between the learning areas difficult. The latter then automatically leads to the strong insulation that exists between concepts, in and across learning areas. If teachers have a clear understanding of the others learning area the link and relationship is blurred. This means that the integration is good and the classification is weak. The concept recognition and realization is strong, understandable and clear.

Teachers in this study need to expose learners to the fact that the same concepts are shared between different learning areas and that it might have the same or a different meaning. The meaning of the concept will depend on the context, learning areas and discipline that it is used in. The EMS teacher is more open and susceptible to integration and tries her best to accommodate the opportunities to integrate, she even tries to make positive suggestions to integrate, whereas the mathematics teacher comes up with reasons why mathematics cannot integrate at certain level and how it is expectable and encouraged by officials and policy makers not to integrate mathematics with other learning areas.

As mentioned it is however imperative to understand that it cannot be over generalized as the norm and standard in all South African classroom practices, because the study only focuses its scope on two grade seven teachers. The teachers in this study had to draw a concept map once and I did a followed up interview. There was a second time of looking at the concept maps during the interview sessions, but it was done with a specific time and frame. This is a clear indication for the room that is created for further study in similar fields of study.

„The national curriculum statement could be creating a new set of recognition rules unfamiliar to both teachers and learners‟. This change in both recognition and realization rules also imply that teachers have to move away from being subject (Learning Area) specialists to generic educators, but this move is likely to come up with heavy implementation and financial demands.

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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