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The opportunities for you. Ok. Meneer (sir). Question. Do you think? Look you have explained to me now, America and the conversions. Do you think you teach like that everyday? I would say no, sir. So, do think integration is taking place between learning areas at your school? I would say it is, on paper yes. It takes place. Ok, but now in the lesson? Yes, no, no, no. you see the question is it towards…


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I am asking the question. You, actually the question is about your school. So, you will not know what is happening in other peopleā€Ÿs classes. So I am speaking about you. Firstly, I asked do you teach that way. You said no. Now I am asking do you think teachers in their classes are teaching their concepts with an integrated way? Sir. What I am saying is. It depends on how your department functions, because. Doing that as it is supposed to be. Cause it is important for children to look at the broader picture. In that this learning Area is not more important then that Learning Area. So, but what I have picked up is that when we have our context, it is the same and yes there are some Learning Areas that functions right across the board. However the implementation of this new curriculum and them stating that grade seven, especially grade seven, it is not necessary for the maths department to function within the context of the school ,because it is believe that there are certain things that you cannot correlate to the context of

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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