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within other Learning Areas. But, with regard to our school I would say, yes, you can see from the planning, because children bring homework or they get homework and it is related to one specific topic.. Do you think that you are integrating Mathematics and EMS concepts regularly in your Learning Area, which is Mathematics? Sir , I think one of the problems we are experiencing is we do not have knowledge with regard to the Assessment Standaards of EMS and Mathematics. I might do it, yes, but that might be unconsciously. Then again I need to say that their context. I try as much as I can to bring it in line with the EMS in that they do calculations like percentages and things like that, but that is what we need to strive for. However, I do think that looking at the planning we can implement it , yes. Ok, last question sir and I just thought about this one: do you think EMS and Mathematics are sharing these concepts that we just spoke about. Yes, yes. I really do. In that, learners are not given the opportunities. Learners are not being explained like salary as an example. They are the concept that salary is what you earn, but they do not know how to calculate it. Sir. I like the answer sir. Do you think these concepts that we spoke about? These six concepts: Salary, product, intrest, graph, ration and expand. They are shared by hese two learning areas. Maths and EMS? They come in both of them Yes, yes, yes, yes. Do you think it will help the children, or it can confuse them?

As I have stated earlier sir, it is important that when you do

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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