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Mrs K.


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Mrs K.

Uhm. Yes. You are looking forward to some things. You want to have interest on the money you put in to the bank that is when you will expand on, what ever, your assets. You get more money in the bank , because of your interest you are expanding your capital Now. Expand you did not link to anything? So I suggest lets go. Is there a reason why you did not link it anywhere else? No

Then you linked salary to product?

Yes. We use money to buy goods and services. So when we use money we buy products and product is linked to the amount of money we will be able to buy for. So salary is. The products that we buy are mostly related to the salary that we earn. I will buy certain stuff, because I earn a certain amount of money an this will go here like the other way Ok, and then product is linked to ratio?

I said what is left if you divide what you used and what you still have. When you look at the kind of. Ok , here is my salary and here are the things that I want to buy, but based on this and based on the product. I can make sure that I get the stuff that I need. I will b able to get the proportion of the things that I want, because it is what is left if you divide what you used and what you still have. You are looking at your salary, you looking at kind of stuff that you want. Sometimes you do not need to use your money to buy stuff over and over and over again. No, you still have from the last month or the month before and this will

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