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confusing when you are an educator, because it is loose particles of stuff. You have to grapple here and there. It is not stuff that is integrated and sometimes we do not plan sitting down as the whole phase, so that every body follow what everybody is doing. The maths department will sit there and do there maths stuff, the EMS will sit there. We do not like sit together and say: This is what we want to do as the phase. How do we use your maths? Maybe maths will take (Learning Outcomes) LO 1 (Assessment standard)AS 1, but LO1 AS1 of maths goes with LO4, AS3 of EMS. Why don‟t we do the same LO? That LO in particular in the same quarter so that we can be able to integrate. I do not se that happening more often. Do you think that you are integrating mathematics and EMS concepts regularly in your learning Area? Not Really


Because, some of the terms need to be explained very thorough. The kids must actually internalise the whole meaning before you even use the same meaning in another concept, because it changes the tone when it moves to another section.. So I battle with getting them to understand the terms in EMS. So it becomes difficult to go to maths and use the same, because I still have to go and explain again in a maths tone. You know and become difficult So, madam. Last question. These EMS terminology or concepts, do you agree that they also appear in mathematics. Yes

Prevein Marnewicke: Forms and meanings of Integration. A case study towards completion

of a Master of Education degree.

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