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Material Handling and Storage

  • Store rolls upright on pallet in dry area.

  • Store indoors in a ventilated area.

  • Keep rolls protected from exposure to heat, sun, cold and moisture.

  • Do not double stack pallets.

  • Do not store rolls on their sides.

  • Use care in the handling of the rolls.

  • Do not overload the roof. Stagger the rolls across the roof. Avoid excessive weight in a concentrated area.

Weather Precautions

Do not attempt application if weather conditions and substrate are not dry.

Do not attempt application if ice, frost, moisture or snow is present. Rolls can be installed in cold weather if conditions are dry, the rolls have not been allowed to freeze and proper cold weather handling and storage procedures are followed. Store rolls in a heated area until just prior to use and do not proceed with installation if rolls have been allowed to freeze or weather conditions are unsuitable.

In extremely warm weather, use caution when walking on freshly installed material to avoid “tracking” warm asphalt; when torch applying smooth APP membrane in very warm weather the installer may want to utilize a roll puller and work from front side of the roll (as is the standard torch method for SBS membranes) to avoid tracking.

Roof Slope and Drainage

The roof surface that is to receive the roof membrane shall have slope to water collection devices. A drainage calculation determining the quantity of water that will fall on the roof and how it is to be taken off the roof is a part of good roof design. Model building codes and good roofing practice have established a minimum slope for roofs at 1/4":12 running inches. Codes also recognize the challenges to meet this criterion in reroofing of existing buildings. All roof areas shall be designed and installed to drain without holding water on the roof surface. Water collection on the roof surface can be detrimental to the roof membrane and may void an existing warranty. Water should not pond in drain sumps or any other collection area that is covered in roof membrane. Limited and minor areas of ponding may be accepted by CertainTeed under the terms of the warranty; however, sacrificial surfacing may be required to maintain the warranty.


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