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minimum rate of 15 lbs. per square, is the standard spot mopping method. Refer to www.roofnav.com for specific information regarding Factory Mutual requirements, which may differ per individual specification. Refer also to the “Hot Asphalt Application” section on page 29 of this booklet.

Vapor Retarders

Refer to the General Recommendations Section of the CertainTeed Commercial Roof Systems manual for more information.


All insulations require the use of appropriate base sheet between the insulation and the new roof system. Insulations must be installed in accordance with CertainTeed’s instructions, local code and Factory Mutual requirements.

In general, the following rigid board insulation types are acceptable for use under Flintlastic modified bitumen Roof Systems (consult CertainTeed for specific Factory Mutual requirements):

Fiberglass or mineral wool Conforming to ASTM C726 (CGSB 51.31M)

Wood fiberboard Conforming to ASTM C208 (CGSB 51.26M)

Perlite Conforming to ASTM C728

Extruded polystyrene* Conforming to ASTM C578-85-Type IV (CGSB SB-51.20M Type 2-Type 4)

Expanded polystyrene* Conforming to ASTM C578, Min. 1.1 Density (CGSB 51.26M)

Polyisocyanurate Conforming to ASTM C1289 Type II.

*Expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene insulations require a coverboard prior to installation of base sheet. Additionally, taping of insulation joints may be required. Refer to NRCA and CertainTeed requirements. CertainTeed self-adhered base sheets may be directly adhered to mechanically attached, fiber glass faced isocyanurate insulation such as FlintBoard ISO cold. Do not expose flammable or heat sensitive insulations to heat, solvents or flame.

Multi-layer Insulation Applications To reduce thermal stress to the roof membrane, multi-layer applications are strongly recommended. Joints in the insulation layers should be staggered a minimum of 6" and joints should be tightly butted. Where mechanical fasteners are used, only the base layer should be mechanically attached. Subsequent layers should be installed in asphalt or adhesive.


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