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  • 5.

    Existing plywood decking shall have adequate bearing or support of end joints. In recover applications, remediation of the joints can only be achieved from the underside of the deck.

  • 6.

    All recover roofs shall have positive drainage as defined on page 9.

  • 7.

    Existing roof insulation shall be dry and firmly attached. Where existing insulation is found to have insufficient attachment, attachment of the existing system shall be enhanced.

  • 8.

    Existing roof system shall be compatible with new roof system.

  • 9.

    Existing membrane shall be dry and clean with all surface defects corrected.

  • 10.

    Existing roof surfacing with 1/2" or larger aggregate surfacing shall be torn off or spudded to provide a smooth surface. Notwithstanding the gravel sizing, all loose gravel shall be swept from the existing roof surface.

  • 11.

    Remove existing metal gravel stops and other termination flashings and replace with new metal to meet current code. Flashing metals shall be corrosion resistant and shall not be thinner than 24 ga.

  • 12.

    Existing counterflashings, copings, dunnage protectors, protective caps and other flashing metals designed to protect the roof shall be replaced where unsuitable for reuse. New metals shall be corrosion resistant and shall not be less than 24 ga.

  • 13.

    Remove all clamping rings from drains and clean to bare metal. Damaged drain components shall be discarded and replaced with new. When in good condition, clamping rings may be saved for reuse. All bolts shall be replaced with new, preferably formed from non-ferrous materials. Stripped bolt holes shall be drilled and tapped. All drains shall be fully secured to the deck with under deck clamps or other factory supplied clamping systems.

  • 14.

    All abandoned and non-functioning equipment shall be removed. Any resulting deck opening shall be blocked and closed with appropriate decking.

  • 15.

    Flashing heights shall be a minimum of 8" from the surface of the roof membrane. Where flashing terminations may be subjected to snow cover, the flashing shall be sealed.

  • 16.

    Base and wall flashing shall be removed to create a sound surface for the installation of new flashings.

  • 17.

    All roof penetrations require all new flashings in compliance with current CertainTeed detailing.


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