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Modified Bitumen Adhesive, trowel grade. Remove any oil from the metal surface using a vinegar and water solution. Prime the horizontal surface of the metal with FlintPrime or FlintPrime SA and allow primer to dry. Apply a bead of caulk grade FlintBond SBS Modified Bitumen Adhesive at the roof side edge of the metal where it meets the MidPly strip. Proceed with cap sheet installation.

Similarly, complete your sheet metal flashing installation using cut MidPly flashing collars at all flashing details prior to flashing application. Seal edges of MidPly flashing collars with a bead of FlintBond. See “Typical Construction Details,” starting on page 41 for examples. If MidPly has been installed as part of the system, set flanges in trowel grade FlintBond and properly fasten. All cap sheet flashings installed to transitions that overlap onto mineral surface must be set in a uniform troweling of FlintBond trowel grade adhesive.

Application of Flintlastic SA Cap (or SA Cap FR)

Before installing Flintlastic SA Cap (or SA Cap FR), sweep the surface of the installed SA NailBase (or PlyBase) or MidPly clean. To install Flintlastic SA Cap (or SA Cap FR), start at the low point of the roof with an appropriate roll width to offset sidelaps from the underlying membrane a minimum of 18". Work with manageable lengths for proper handling.

Position SA Cap (or SA Cap FR) with selvage edge release strip at high side of roof. Install in weather-lapped fashion, with no laps against the flow of water.


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