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Once positioned, lift and fold back (lengthwise) the lower half of the membrane. Remove the split release film and press firmly into place. Then repeat with the other (high side of the roof) half of the membrane.

Follow the same layout and split release film procedures as for MidPly (or PlyBase), but overlap sidelaps 3" and endlaps 6". Use a weighted roller over the entire surface of Flintlastic SA Cap (or SA Cap FR) to secure it in place and prevent voids, working outward from the center of the sheet.

As subsequent membrane lengths are installed, remove the selvage edge release strip just prior to overlapping to keep the adhesive area protected and clean. Cut endlaps at opposing diagonal corners at an angle approx. 3" from the corners to minimize T-seams.

Use FlintBond SBS Modified Bitumen Adhesive, trowel grade, on the entire 6" width of each endlap prior to overlapping. Apply a uniform 1/8"-1/4" troweling of the FlintBond on the entire width of the endlaps to the underlying membrane. Install the overlapping sheet. Always apply FlintBond (extend beyond underlying lap minimum 1/4") on the entire width of any overlap when applying SA Cap (or SA Cap FR) over another mineral surface such as the SA Cap (or SA Cap FR) endlap.

At all vertical and other flashing points, apply FlintBond SBS Modified Bitumen Adhesive, trowel grade, wherever there is an overlap onto mineral surfacing.

Once the membrane has had a chance to bond, check all laps and joints for full adhesion. If the membrane can be lifted at any area it is not properly adhered. A seam probing tool can be helpful to check for small voids at laps.


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