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If necessary, use appropriate hand-held hot air welding tool and seam roller or an application of FlintBond to seal small unbonded areas if they exist.

Included in this manual are a few common construction details. Please refer to CertainTeed’s standard details or the NRCA for details not found within this manual. Important to note with all details, all metal must be primed and set in FlintBond Trowel Grade adhesive and all overlaps over mineral surfacing must utilize FlintBond Trowel Grade adhesive.

The Proper T-Seam Detail

  • Before adhering Flintlastic SA MidPly or Cap (or SA Cap FR) endlaps, trim the underlying sheet’s lower outside corner at the end of the roll.

  • Follow with the overlapping sheet, trimming the upper outside corner.

  • Corners should be trimmed on a diagonal angle 5½" long from end of roll to outside edge.

  • Width of trim should be equal in width to the sidelap specified (3" for Flintlastic SA Cap [or SA Cap FR] and 2" for Flintlastic SA MidPly [or PlyBase]).

  • Trimmed corners should be completely covered by application of succeeding courses.

  • Note: If using Flintlastic SA MidPly (or PlyBase), apply quarter-size dab of FlintBond at T-seam area. If using Flintlastic SA Cap (or SA Cap FR), the endlap should be completely set in trowel grade FlintBond along the entire 6" lap width.

Rake Edge Detail

  • Cut selvage area at an angle at all rake edges.

  • Apply a bead of FlintBond caulk along cut edge to eliminate mole holes.


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