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  • Propane tanks must be secured in an upright position, placed a minimum of 10' from the torch flame at all times.

  • Secure propane tanks when on the roof.

  • Increase the size of the propane tank if necessary to prevent frost from occurring. Never heat the tank with a torch or any other device, and never put the torch flame anywhere near the tank.

  • Never turn a propane tank on its side to increase pressure. Liquid could escape.

  • Protect cylinder valves, and where possible use cylinders that have valve protection welded to the cylinder. Never lift a cylinder by the valve. Valves are made of soft brass and are easily broken.

  • Do not tighten brass fittings too tightly with a wrench.

  • Do not attempt to put out a cylinder fire if it cannot be done without tipping the tank; Call the fire department.

  • Never fill a propane cylinder that is in need of repair.

  • Never lay a torch to rest on a gas cylinder.

  • Use only hose intended for use with LP gas.

  • Do not use hose longer than 50'.

  • Use an adjustable, U.L. listed regulator with the torch.

  • Keep vent in pressure regulator unobstructed at all times.

  • Make sure flow of gas through regulator is in the proper direction. Directional flow is indicated on the regulator.

  • Use a soap solution to check for gas leaks before lighting torch. Then check for proper operation of the torch. Never check for leaks using lighter or matches.

  • If a leak occurs, stop work immediately and repair all relevant parts. Do not use any torch equipment that is leaking gas at any fitting.

  • Stop torching immediately if any propane odor is detected.

  • Check hoses frequently for wear and tear, and do not allow torch flame to come into contact with them. Keep hoses free of kinks and do not allow heavy equipment to roll over them. Also check hoses for any signs of burned or charred areas.

  • Be aware of the difference between liquid and vapor gas bottles and dispensing equipment.


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