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  • Treat the torch as if it is always burning. In sunlight it can be difficult to see the flame, and when working near mechanical equipment you cannot always hear the torch.

  • Never leave a torch unattended.

  • Never lay a torch over the edge of the roof.

  • Do not use a trowel as a torch stand.

  • When shutting off the torch, close the propane cylinder valve first and let the remaining gas burn out of the hose before closing the torch valve.

  • Keep an ABC or Halon fire extinguisher on the roof, readily accessible to each worker using a torch at all times. Make sure the extinguisher is readily accessible, but not so close to the torch or propane equipment that it cannot be safely accessed in the event of a fire.

  • When using a dry chemical type extinguisher, direct the chemical stream at the base of the fire from a safe distance of about 10' to 15'. Sweep the fire away from you, starting at its nearest point and moving the chemical stream toward the furthest point.

  • Do not use soda acid fire extinguisher—it spreads the flame.

  • Check all equipment for wear and tear and repair or replace as necessary.

  • Use extreme caution when working with torches in areas where you cannot see. Heat the membrane away from the area and then apply it to the flashing. Do not torch directly into any crevice or unsafe area where flame could be sucked in.

  • Protect all equipment from damage; store in a toolbox.

Building Safety

  • Use noncombustible type cant strips such as perlite or fiber glass and cover them with appropriate CertainTeed base sheet.

  • Use appropriate CertainTeed base sheet over all nailable deck types including plywood, wood, lightweight insulating concrete, and over all insulations and any flammable surface.

  • Use noncombustible insulation, and cover it with appropriate CertainTeed base sheet (see also pages 11).

  • Install metal flashings to penetrations or protect flashings with tight-fitting collar prior to torching.

  • Use a small detail torch when applying flashing details.

  • Be certain all air conditioning units, exhaust fans, and air intake fans in the work area are shut off at the roof control.


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