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      was in  error, the Administrator may in the  same manner as the

      approval, disapproval,  or promulgation  revise such  action as

      appropriate without requiring  any further submission  from the

      State.  Such  determination  and  the basis  thereof  shall  be

      provided to the State and public.

   "(l)  Plan  Revisions.-Each  revision  to an  implementation  plan

submitted by  a State under  this Act shall  be adopted by  such State

after reasonable  notice and  public hearing. The  Administrator shall

not approve a revision of a plan if the revision  would interfere with

any  applicable  requirement   concerning  attainment  and  reasonable

further  progress (as defined in section 171), or any other applicable

requirement of this Act.

   "(m) Sanctions.-The Administrator  may apply any of  the sanctions

listed  in  section 179(b)  at any  time (or  at  any time  after) the

Administrator  makes a  finding,  disapproval, or  determination under

paragraphs  (1)  through  (4),  respectively,  of  section  179(a)  in

relation to  any plan  or plan item  (as that  term is defined  by the

Administrator) required under this Act, with respect to any portion of

the State the Administrator determines reasonable and appropriate, for

the purpose of ensuring that the  requirements of this Act relating to

such plan or  plan item  are met.  The Administrator  shall, by  rule,

establish  criteria for  exercising his  authority under  the previous

sentence  with respect to any deficiency referred to in section 179(a)

to ensure  that, during  the  24-month period  following the  finding,

disapproval,  or determination  referred  to in  section 179(a),  such

sanctions are not applied on a statewide basis where one or

more political  subdivisions covered by  the applicable implementation

plan are principally responsible for such deficiency.

   "(n) Savings Clauses.-

      "(1) Existing plan provisions.-Any provision  of any applicable

   implementation  plan  that  was approved  or  promulgated  by  the

   Administrator pursuant  to this  section as  in effect before  the

   date of the  enactment of  the Clean  Air Act  Amendments of  1990

   shall remain in effect as  part of such applicable  implementation

   plan,  except to the extent  that a revision to  such provision is

   approved  or promulgated  by the  Administrator  pursuant to  this


      "(2)   Attainment   dates.-For   any   area    not   designated

nonattainment, any plan or  plan revision submitted or required  to be

submitted by a State-

         "(A)  in response  to  the promulgation  or  revision  of  a

      national primary ambient air quality standard in effect on  the

      date of the enactment of the Clean Air Act  Amendments of 1990,


         "(B)  in response  to  a finding  of  substantial inadequacy

      under subsection  (a)(2) (as  in effect immediately  before the

      date of the enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990),

      shall provide  for attainment  of the national  primary ambient

      air  quality  standards  within 3  years  of  the  date of  the

      enactment of the Clean Air  Act Amendments of 1990 or within  5

      years of  issuance of  such finding of  substantial inadequacy,

      whichever is later.

      "(3) Retention of construction  moratorium in certain areas.-In

   the case of an  area to which, immediately before the date  of the

   enactment   of  the  Clean  Air   Act  Amendments   of  1990,  the

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