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   which   shall   contain  the   provisions  specified   under  this

   subsection regarding oxygenated gasoline.

      "(B) A plan revision which contains  such provisions shall also

   be submitted  by each  State in  which there  is located  any area

   which, for any 2-year period after 1989 has a carbon mono-

   xide design  value of  9.5  ppm or  above. The  revision shall  be

   submitted within 18 months after such 2-year period.

      "(2) Oxygenated gasoline  in co nonattainment  areas.-Each plan

   revision  under  this  subsection  shall  contain   provisions  to

   require  that any  gasoline sold,  or dispensed,  to the  ultimate

   consumer in  the  carbon monoxide  nonattainment area  or sold  or

   dispensed directly  or indirectly by fuel refiners or marketers to

   persons who sell  or dispense to ultimate consumers, in the larger


         "(A) the  Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area  (CMSA)

      in which the area is located, or

         "(B) if the area is not located in  a CMSA, the Metropolitan

      Statistical Area in which the area is located,

   be blended, during  the portion of the  year in which the  area is

   prone  to  high  ambient  concentrations  of  carbon  monoxide  to

   contain not less than 2.7  percent oxygen by weight (subject to  a

   testing tolerance established by  the Administrator). The  portion

   of  the   year  in  which  the  area  is  prone  to  high  ambient

   concentrations  of carbon  monoxide shall be  as determined by the

   Administrator,  but  shall not  be  less  than  4  months. At  the

   request  of  a  State  with  respect  to  any  area  designated as

   nonattainment for carbon  monoxide, the  Administrator may  reduce

   the period  specified in the preceding  sentence if  the State can

   demonstrate that because of  meteorological conditions, a  reduced

   period will  assure  that there  will  be  no exceedances  of  the

   carbon  monoxide standard  outside  of  such reduced  period.  For

   areas with a  carbon monoxide design value  of 9.5 ppm or  more of

   the date of  enactment of  the Clean Air  Act Amendments of  1990,

   the  revision  shall  provide that  such  requirement  shall  take

   effect no  later than November  1, 1992,  (or at  such other  date

   during 1992 as  the Administrator establishes under  the preceding

   provisions  of this  paragraph).  For  other areas,  the  revision

   shall provide  that such  requirement shall  take effect no  later

   than November  1 of  the third  year after  the last  year of  the

   applicable 2-year period  referred to in paragraph (1) (or at such

   other  date   during  such   third  year   as  the   Administrator

   establishes under the preceding provisions of  this paragraph) and

   shall  include a program for implementation and enforcement of the

   requirement  consistent  with   guidance  to  be  issued   by  the


      "(3) Waivers.-(A) The Administrator shall waive, in whole or in

   part, the  requirements of  paragraph (2) upon  a demonstration by

   the State  to the satisfaction of  the Administrator  that the use

   of  oxygenated  gasoline  would  prevent  or  interfere  with  the

   attainment by the area of  a national primary ambient  air quality

   standard (or  a State or local  ambient air  quality standard) for

   any air pollutant other than carbon monoxide.

      "(B) The  Administrator shall, upon demonstration  by the State

   satisfactory  to  the  Administrator,  waive  the  requirement  of

   paragraph  (2)  where  the  Administrator  determines that  mobile

   sources  of carbon  monoxide do  not  contribute significantly  to

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