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   carbon monoxide levels in an area.

      "(C)(i)  Any person  may petition  the Administrator to  make a

   finding that there is, or is likely to be, for any area, an inad-

   equate  domestic  supply   of,  or   distribution  capacity   for,

   oxygenated gasoline meeting  the requirements of paragraph  (2) or

   fuel additives (oxygenates) necessary  to meet such  requirements.

   The  Administrator  shall act  on such  petition  within  6 months

   after receipt of the petition.

      "(ii)  If  the  Administrator  determines,  in  response  to  a

   petition under clause (i), that  there is an inadequate  supply or

   capacity described  in clause (i),  the Administrator shall  delay

   the  effective date  of paragraph (2)  for 1  year. Upon petition,

   the  Administrator  may   extend  such  effective  date   for  one

   additional year. No  partial delay or lesser waiver may be granted

   under this clause.

      "(iii)   In  granting  waivers   under  this  subparagraph  the

   Administrator  shall  consider  distribution  capacity  separately

   from the adequacy  of domestic supply and shall grant such waivers

   in such  manner as  will assure  that, if  supplies of  oxygenated

   gasoline are  limited, areas having the  highest design  value for

   carbon  monoxide will  have  a  priority in  obtaining  oxygenated

   gasoline which meets the requirements of paragraph (2).

      "(iv)  As  used in  this  subparagraph,  the term  distribution

   capacity   includes  capacity  for  transportation,  storage,  and


      "(4)  Fuel dispensing  systems.-Any  person selling  oxygenated

   gasoline  at retail pursuant to  this subsection shall be required

   under regulations  promulgated by the  Administrator to label  the

   fuel  dispensing  system  with  a  notice  that  the  gasoline  is

   oxygenated and will reduce the carbon monoxide  emissions from the

   motor vehicle.

      "(5) Guidelines for  credit.-The Administrator shall promulgate

   guidelines,  within 9  months after the  date of  the enactment of

   the  Clean  Air  Act  Amendments  of  1990,  allowing  the  use of

   marketable oxygen  credits from gasolines  during that portion  of

   the year  specified in  paragraph (2)  with higher oxygen  content

   than required to  offset the sale or use  of gasoline with a lower

   oxygen  content  than  required. No  credits  may  be  transferred

   between nonattainment areas.

      "(6)  Attainment areas.-Nothing  in  this  subsection shall  be

   interpreted  as requiring  an oxygenated  gasoline  program in  an

   area which is in attainment for carbon monoxide, except that in  a

   carbon  monoxide  nonattainment  area  which  is  redesignated  as

   attainment  for   carbon  monoxide,   the  requirements   of  this

   subsection shall  remain in effect to  the extent  such program is

   necessary to maintain such standard thereafter in the area.

      "(7)  Failure  to  attain  co  standard.-If  the  Administrator

   determines  under  section  186(b)(2)  that  the  national primary

   ambient  air  quality standard  for carbon  monoxide has  not been

   attained in a  Serious Area by the applicable attainment date, the

   State shall submit  a plan revision for  the area within 9  months

   after  the date  of such  determination. The  plan  revision shall

   provide that  the minimum oxygen  content of gasoline referred  to

   in paragraph  (2)  shall be  3.1  percent  by weight  unless  such

   requirement is waived in  accordance with  the provisions of  this


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