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Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7524) is amended to read as follows:


   "(a)  Violations.-Any  person  who  violates  sections  203(a)(1),

203(a)(4), or  203(a)(5) or  any manufacturer  or dealer who  violates

section 203(a)(3)(A) shall  be subject to a civil penalty  of not more

than  $25,000.  Any person  other than  a  manufacturer or  dealer who

violates  section  203(a)(3)(A) or  any  person  who violates  section

203(a)(3)(B)  shall be  subject to  a civil penalty  of not  more than

$2,500. Any such violation  with respect to paragraph (1),  (3)(A), or

(4) of section 203(a) shall constitute a separate offense with respect

to each motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine. Any such violation with

respect to  section 203(a)(3)(B)  shall constitute a  separate offense

with  respect to  each  part or  component.  Any person  who  violates

section 203(a)(2) shall be subject to a civil penalty of not more than

$25,000 per day of violation.

   "(b) Civil Actions.-The Administrator may commence  a civil action

to assess and recover any  civil penalty under subsection (a) of  this

section,  section 211(d),  or section  213(d). Any  action under  this

subsection may be brought  in the district court of  the United States

for the district in which the violation is alleged to have occurred or

in  which the defendant  resides or has  the Administrator's principal

place of business, and  the court shall have jurisdiction to  assess a

civil penalty.  In determining the  amount of any civil  penalty to be

assessed  under this subsection, the court shall take into account the

gravity of the  violation, the  economic benefit or  savings (if  any)

resulting from the violation, the size of the violator's business, the


lator's  history of compliance with this title, action taken to remedy

the  violation, the effect of the penalty on the violator's ability to

continue in business, and  such other matters as justice  may require.

In any such action, subpoenas for witnesses who are required to attend

a district court in any district may run into any other district.

   "(c) Administrative Assessment of Certain Penalties.-

      "(1) Administrative penalty authority.-In  lieu of commencing a

   civil action  under subsection (b),  the Administrator may  assess

   any civil  penalty prescribed in  subsection (a) of this  section,

   section 211(d), or section 213(d), except that the  maximum amount

   of penalty sought  against each  violator in a  penalty assessment

   proceeding  shall not  exceed $200,000,  unless  the Administrator

   and  the  Attorney   General  jointly  determine  that   a  matter

   involving   a   larger   penalty   amount   is   appropriate   for

   administrative penalty assessment.  Any such determination  by the

   Administrator and  the Attorney  General shall  not be  subject to

   judicial  review.  Assessment  of  a  civil   penalty  under  this

   subsection  shall  be  by  an  order  made  on  the  record  after

   opportunity for a  hearing in accordance with sections 554 and 556

   of title  5 of  the United  States Code.  The Administrator  shall

   issue  reasonable rules  for discovery  and  other procedures  for

   hearings  under this paragraph. Before issuing  such an order, the

   Administrator  shall give  written  notice  to the  person  to  be

   assessed  an   administrative  penalty   of  the   Administrator's

   proposal  to  issue   such  order  and  provide   such  person  an

   opportunity to  request such  a hearing  on the  order, within  30

   days  of  the date  the notice  is  received by  such  person. The

   Administrator   may  compromise,   or  remit,   with  or   without

   conditions, any administrative penalty which may  be imposed under

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