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   civil  action  in  an appropriate  district  court to  recover the

   amount assessed  (plus interest at  rates established pursuant  to

   section 6621(a)(2) of the Internal  Revenue Code of 1986  from the

   date of the final order or the date of  the final judgment, as the

   case  may  be). In  such  an  action,  the  validity, amount,  and

   appropriateness  of the  penalty shall  not be  subject to review.

   Any  person who  fails to pay on  a timely basis  the amount of an

   assessment of a civil penalty  as described in the  first sentence

   of this paragraph  shall be required to  pay, in addition  to that

   amount  and interest,  the  United States'  enforcement  expenses,

   including  attorneys fees  and  costs for  collection proceedings,

   and a quarterly nonpayment penalty  for each quarter during  which

   such failure to pay persists.  The nonpayment penalty shall  be in

   an  amount equal to  10 percent  of the  aggregate amount  of that

   person's penalties  and nonpayment penalties  which are unpaid  as

   of the beginning of such quarter.".

   (d) Enforcement of Fuels Regulations.-Section 211(d)  of the Clean

   Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7545(d)) is amended to read as follows:

   "(d) Penalties and Injunctions.-

      "(1) Civil penalties.-Any  person who violates  subsection (a),

   (f),  (g),  (k),  (l),  (m),  or   (n)  of  this  section  or  the


   prescribed under subsection (c), (h),  (i), (k), (l), (m),  or (n)

   of  this  section or  who  fails  to  furnish  any information  or

   conduct any tests  required by the Administrator  under subsection

   (b)  of this section  shall be  liable to the  United States for a

   civil penalty of  not more than the  sum of $25,000 for  every day

   of such  violation and the amount  of economic  benefit or savings

   resulting from  the violation.  Any  violation with  respect to  a

   regulation prescribed  under subsection (c), (k),  (l), or  (m) of

   this section which establishes a regulatory standard  based upon a

   multiday  averaging period  shall  constitute  a separate  day  of

   violation for  each and every day  in the  averaging period. Civil

   penalties shall  be assessed  in accordance  with subsections  (b)

   and (c) of section 205.

      "(2) Injunctive  authority.-The district  courts of  the United

   States  shall  have   jurisdiction  to   restrain  violations   of

   subsections (a), (f), (g), (k), (l), (m), and (n)  of this section

   and  of the  regulations prescribed  under  subsections (c),  (h),

   (i), (k),  (l),  (m), and  (n)  of this  section, to  award  other

   appropriate relief,  and to compel  the furnishing of  information

   and the  conduct  of  tests required  by  the Administrator  under

   subsection  (b)  of   this  section.  Actions  to   restrain  such

   violations and compel such actions shall be brought by and  in the

   name  of the  United  States. In  any  such action,  subpoenas for

   witnesses  who are  required  to attend  a  district court  in any

   district may run into any other district.".

   (e)  Miscellaneous Enforcement.-(1)  Section 203(a)  of  the Clean

Air Act is amended as follows:

         (1)  Insert "or part  C in the case  of clean-fuel vehicles"

      before "(except" in paragraph (1).

         (2) In paragraph (4) insert "or part C" after "202".

         (3) At  the  end of  paragraph (4)(A)  insert "or  (ii)  the

      corresponding  requirements of part C in the case of clean fuel

      vehicles  unless  the  manufacturer   has  complied  with   the

      corresponding requirements  of part C" and  in paragraph (4)(A)

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