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the  Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7418(a))  is amended to read as follows:

"The  preceding sentence  shall apply  (A) to any  requirement whether

substantive or  procedural (including any  recordkeeping or  reporting

requirement,  any   requirement  respecting  permits  and   any  other

requirement whatsoever), (B) to any requirement to pay a fee or charge

imposed by any State  or local agency to  defray the costs of  its air

pollution  regulatory program,  (C) to  the exercise  of  any Federal,

State, or local administrative  authority, and (D) to any  process and

sanction, whether enforced in  Federal, State, or local courts,  or in

any other manner.".

   (f) Conformity Requirements.-Section  176(c) of the Clean  Air Act

(42 U.S.C. 7506(c))  is amended  by striking "(1)",  "(2)", "(3)"  and

"(4)" where they appear,  by inserting "(1)" after "(c)",  striking "a

plan"  each place  it  appears  and  inserting  in  lieu  thereof  "an

implementation plan" each place it appears and by adding the following

at the end thereof: "Conformity to an implementation plan means-

      "(A)  conformity   to  an  implementation   plan's  purpose  of

   eliminating  or reducing the severity  and number of violations of

   the   national  ambient  air   quality  standards   and  achieving

   expeditious attainment of such standards; and

      "(B) that such activities will not-

         "(i)  cause  or  contribute  to  any  new  violation  of any

      standard in any area;

         "(ii)  increase the  frequency or  severity of  any existing

      violation of any standard in any area; or

         "(iii)  delay  timely  attainment  of  any  standard  or any

      required interim emission reductions or other milestones in any


The  determination of  conformity shall  be based  on the  most recent

estimates of  emissions, and such  estimates shall be  determined from

the  most  recent   population,  employment,  travel   and  congestion

estimates as  determined by the metropolitan  planning organization or

other agency authorized to make such estimates.

   "(2)  Any transportation  plan or  program  developed pursuant  to

title 23, United  States Code,  or the Urban  Mass Transportation  Act

shall  implement  the  transportation  provisions  of  any  applicable

implementation  plan approved under this Act applicable to all or part

of the area covered by such transportation plan or program. No Federal

agency may approve, accept or fund any transportation plan, program or

project unless such plan, program or project has been found to conform

to any applicable  implementation plan  in effect under  this Act.  In


      "(A)  no  transportation  plan  or  transportation  improvement

   program may  be adopted  by a  metropolitan planning  organization

   designated under title 23, United  States Code, or the  Urban Mass

   Transportation  Act,  or  be  found  to  be  in  conformity  by  a

   metropolitan  planning organization  until a  final  determination

   has been made that emissions expected from  implementation of such

   plans  and programs  are consistent  with  estimates of  emissions

   from motor vehicles  and necessary emissions  reductions contained

   in  the applicable  implementation  plan,  and  that the  plan  or

   program will conform to the requirements of paragraph (1)(B);

      "(B) no metropolitan  planning organization or other  recipient

   of funds  under title  23, United States  Code, or the  Urban Mass

   Transportation  Act  shall  adopt  or  approve  a   transportation

   improvement  program of  projects until  it  determines that  such

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