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Heavy-duty trucks above 8,500 gvwr..........   50        50         50



   The term MY refers to model year.

   "(c) Accelerated Standard for Light-Duty  Trucks up to 6,000  lbs.

GVWR  and  Light-Duty  Vehicles.-Notwithstanding the  model  years for

which  clean-fuel  vehicle standards  are  applicable  as provided  in

section 243, for purposes of this  section, light duty trucks of up to

6,000  lbs. GVWR and  light-duty vehicles manufactured  in model years

1998 through model year 2000 shall be treated as

clean-fuel vehicles only  if such vehicles  comply with the  standards

applicable  under section 243 for  vehicles in the  same class for the

model  year 2001. The requirements of subsection (b) shall take effect

on the earlier of the following:

      "(1) The first  model year after model  year 1997 in  which new

   light-duty trucks  up to  6,000 lbs. GVWR  and light-duty vehicles

   which comply with  the model year 2001 standards under section 243

   are offered for sale in California.

      "(2) Model year 2001.

Whenever the effective date  of subsection (b) is delayed  pursuant to

paragraph  (1)  of  this   subsection,  the  phase-in  schedule  under

subsection  (b)  shall be  modified to  commence  with the  model year

referred to in paragraph (1) in lieu of model year 1998.

   "(d) Choice  of Vehicles  and Fuel.-The plan  revision under  this

subsection  shall provide that  the choice of  clean-fuel vehicles and

clean  alternative fuels shall be  made by the  covered fleet operator

subject to the requirements of this subsection.

   "(e)  Availability  of Clean  Alternative Fuel.-The  plan revision

shall require fuel providers to make  clean alternative fuel available

to  covered  fleet  operators  at  locations  at  which covered  fleet

vehicles are centrally fueled.

   "(f) Credits.-

      "(1)  Issuance of  credits.-The  State  plan revision  required

   under this section  shall provide for the issuance by the State of

   appropriate credits to a fleet  operator for any of  the following

   (or any combination thereof):

         "(A) The purchase  of more clean-fuel vehicles than required

      under this section.

         "(B) The  purchase of clean  fuel vehicles  which meet  more

      stringent  standards established by  the Administrator pursuant

      to paragraph (4).

         "(C) The  purchase of  vehicles in categories  which are not

      covered by  this section  but which meet  standards established

      for such vehicles under paragraph (4).

      "(2) Use of credits; limitations based on weight classes.

         "(A) Use  of credits.-Credits  under this  subsection may be

      used  by  the  person   holding  such  credits  to  demonstrate

      compliance with this section  or may be traded or  sold for use

      by  any  other  person  to demonstrate  compliance  with  other

      requirements  applicable  under  this   section  in  the   same

      nonattainment area. Credits obtained at any time may be held or

      banked  for  use at  any  later time,  and when  so  used, such

      credits shall maintain the same value  as if used at an earlier


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