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         "(B)  Limitations based  on weight  classes.-Credits  issued

      with  respect to the  purchase of vehicles of  up to 8,500 lbs.

      GVWR  may not be used  to demonstrate compliance  by any person

      with  the  requirements  applicable  under  this subsection  to

      vehicles  of more  than 8,500  lbs.  GVWR. Credits  issued with

      respect to the  purchase of  vehicles of more  than 8,500  lbs.

      GVWR  may not be used  to demonstrate compliance  by any person

      with the  requirements  applicable  under  this  subsection  to

      vehicles weighing up to 8,500 lbs. GVWR.

         "(C) Weighting.-Credits issued  for purchase of a clean fuel

      vehicle   under  this   subsection  shall   be   adjusted  with

      appropriate  weighting  to   reflect  the  level   of  emission

      reduction achieved by the vehicle.

      "(3) Regulations and administration.-Within 12 months after the

   enactment  of   the  Clean   Air  Act  Amendments   of  1990,  the

   Administrator  shall  promulgate  regulations   for  such   credit

   program.  The   State   shall   administer  the   credit   program

   established under this subsection.

      "(4) Standards for issuing credits for cleaner vehicles.-Solely

   for  purposes  of  issuing credits  under  paragraph  (1)(B),  the

   Administrator  shall establish under this  paragraph standards for

   Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (`ULEV's) and Zero Emissions  Vehicles

   (`ZEV's)  which  shall  be more  stringent  than  those  otherwise

   applicable  to   clean-fuel   vehicles   under  this   part.   The

   Administrator shall certify clean fuel vehicles  as complying with

   such more  stringent standards,  and administer  and enforce  such

   more stringent  standards, in the  same manner  as in the  case of

   the otherwise applicable  clean-fuel vehicle standards established

   under   this   section.   The   standards   established   by   the

   Administrator under this  paragraph for vehicles under  8,500 lbs.

   GVWR or greater  shall conform as closely as possible to standards

   which  are established by the State of California for ULEV and ZEV

   vehicles in the  same class. For  vehicles of  8,500 lbs. GVWR  or

   more, the Administrator shall promulgate comparable  standards for

   purposes of this subsection.

      "(5) Early fleet credits.-The State plan revision shall provide

   credits under  this subsection  to fleet  operators that  purchase

   vehicles certified  to  meet  clean-fuel vehicle  standards  under

   this part  during any period after  approval of  the plan revision

   and  prior to the effective  date of the fleet  program under this


   "(g)  Availability  to  the  Public.-At  any   facility  owned  or

operated  by a  department, agency, or  instrumentality of  the United

States  where vehicles  subject to  this subsection are  supplied with

clean alternative  fuel, such  fuel shall be  offered for sale  to the

public  for use in other vehicles during reasonable business times and

subject   to  national   security  concerns,   unless  such   fuel  is

commercially  available for vehicles  in the vicinity  of such Federal


   "(h) Transportation  Control Measures.-The Administrator shall  by

rule,  within  1  year after  the  enactment  of  the  Clean  Air  Act

Amendments  of  1990,  ensure  that  certain  transportation   control

measures including time-of-day or  day-of-week restrictions, and other

similar  measures that  restrict vehicle  usage, do  not apply  to any

clean-fuel vehicle that meets  the requirements of this  section. This

subsection shall apply notwithstanding title I.

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