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1999 and thereafter.........................   300,000 vehicles

      "(2)  Clean alternative  fuels.-(A)  Within 2  years after  the

   enactment  of the Clean Air  Act Amendments of  1990, the State of

   California   shall   submit   a   revision   of   the   applicable

   implementation plan  under  part D  of  title  I and  section  110

   containing a clean fuel plan that requires that  clean alternative

   fuels  on  which  the  clean-fuel  vehicles  required  under  this

   paragraph  can operate shall be  produced and  distributed by fuel

   suppliers  and  made  available  in  California.   At  a  minimum,

   sufficient clean alternative fuels shall  be produced, distributed

   and  made  available  to  assure  that   all  clean-fuel  vehicles

   required under  this section  can operate,  to the  maximum extent

   practicable, exclusively  on such fuels  in California. The  State

   shall require that  clean alternative fuels be made  available and

   offered  for  sale  at  an  adequate  number  of   locations  with

   sufficient geographic distribution to ensure  convenient refueling

   with clean alternative  fuels, considering the number of, and type

   of, such  vehicles sold and  the geographic  distribution of  such

   vehicles within  the State.  The  State shall  determine the clean

   alternative fuels to be produced, distributed,  and made available

   based on motor vehicle manufacturers' projections  of future sales

   of  such  vehicles  and  consultations  with  the  affected  local

   governments and fuel suppliers.

      "(B) The State may  by regulation grant persons subject  to the

   requirements  prescribed  under  this  paragraph   an  appropriate

   amount of credits  for exceeding such requirements, and any person

   granted  credits may transfer some  or all of the  credits for use

   by  one or  more  persons in  demonstrating compliance  with  such

   requirements. The  State may  make the  credits available for  use

   after   consideration   of  enforceability,   environmental,   and

   economic factors and upon such  terms and conditions as  the State

   finds appropriate.

      "(C) The State may  also by regulation establish specifications

   for any  clean alternative fuel produced  and made available under

   this  paragraph  as   the  State  finds  necessary  to  reduce  or

   eliminate  an unreasonable  risk  to  public health,  welfare,  or

   safety associated  with its  use or to  ensure acceptable  vehicle

   maintenance and performance characteristics.

      "(D)  If a  retail gasoline dispensing  facility would  have to

   remove  or replace  one or  more  motor  vehicle fuel  underground

   storage tanks and  accompanying piping in order to comply with the

   provisions of this section, and  it had removed and  replaced such

   tank or  tanks and  accompanying piping  in order  to comply  with

   subtitle I of  the Solid Waste Disposal  Act prior to the  date of

   the  enactment of the  Clean Air Act Amendments  of 1990, it shall

   not be  required to comply with this  subsection until a period of

   7  years has passed from  the date of  the removal and replacement

   of such tank or tanks.

      "(E) Nothing  in this section  authorizes any State  other than

   California to adopt  provisions regarding clean alternative fuels.

      "(F) If the  State of California  fails to adopt  a clean  fuel

   program  that  meets  the  requirements  of  this  paragraph,  the

   Administrator shall, within  4 years  after the  enactment of  the

   Clean Air Act Amendments of  1990, establish a clean  fuel program

   for  the State  of  California under  this paragraph  and  section

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