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   110(c) that meets the requirements of this paragraph.

   "(d)   Credits   for    Motor   Vehicle   Manufacturers.-(1)   The

Administrator may  (by regulation) grant a  motor vehicle manufacturer

an  appropriate   amount  of   credits  toward  fulfillment   of  such

manufacturer's share of the requirements of  subsection (c)(1) of this

section for any of the following (or any combination thereof):

      "(A) The sale  of more clean-fuel vehicles than  required under

   subsection (c)(1) of this section.

      "(B)  The sale  of  clean fuel  vehicles  which meet  standards

   established  by the  Administrator as  provided  in paragraph  (3)

   which are  more stringent  than the  clean-fuel vehicle  standards

   otherwise  applicable to such  clean-fuel vehicle.  A manufacturer

   granted credits under this paragraph  may transfer some or  all of

   the  credits  for  use  by  one  or  more  other  manufacturers in

   demonstrating compliance  with the  requirements prescribed  under

   this paragraph. The  Administrator may make the  credits available

   for  use after consideration of enforceability, environmental, and

   economic factors  and upon such terms  and conditions  as he finds

   appropriate. The Administrator shall  grant credits in  accordance

   with  this  paragraph, notwithstanding  any requirements  of State

   law  or any  credits  granted with  respect  to the  same vehicles

   under any State law, rule, or regulation.

   "(2)  Regulations  and  administration.-The  Administrator   shall

administer  the  credit  program  established  under  this subsection.

Within 12 months after the  enactment of the Clean Air  Act Amendments

of  1990,  the Administrator  shall  promulgate  regulations for  such

credit program.

   "(3) Standards for issuing credits for  cleaner vehicles.-The more

stringent  standards  and other  requirements  (including requirements

relating to the weighting of credits) established by the Administrator

for purposes of the  credit program under 245(e) (relating  to credits

for clean  fuel vehicles in the  fleets program) shall also  apply for

purposes of the credit program under this paragraph.

   "(e)  Program Evaluation.-(1)  Not later  than  June 30,  1994 and

again  in  connection   with  the  report  under  paragraph  (2),  the

Administrator shall  provide a report to the Congress on the status of

the California  Air Resources  Board Low-Emissions Vehicles  and Clean

Fuels  Program. Such  report  shall  examine  the capability,  from  a

technological  standpoint, of  motor vehicle  manufacturers and  motor

vehicle fuel suppliers to comply with the requirements of such program

and with the requirements  of the California Pilot Program  under this


   "(2)  Not  later  than  June  30,  1998,  the  Administrator shall

complete and submit a  report to Congress on the effectiveness  of the

California pilot program under this section. The report shall evaluate

the level of emission reductions achieved under the program, the costs

of the  program, the  advantages  and disadvantages  of extending  the

program to  other nonattainment areas, and  desirability of continuing

or expanding the program in California.

   "(3)  The  program  under  this  section  cannot  be  extended  or

terminated  by the  Administrator  except by  Act of  Congress enacted

after the date of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. Section 177 of

this Act does not apply to the program under this section.

   "(f) Voluntary Opt-In for Other States.-

      "(1)  EPA  regulations.-Not  later   than  2  years  after  the

   enactment  of  the  Clean   Air  Act   Amendments  of  1990,   the

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