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   as a result  of emissions to the air.   No air pollutant  which is

   listed under section 108(a)  may be added to  the list under  this

   section, except  that the prohibition  of this sentence shall  not

   apply  to any  pollutant  which  independently meets  the  listing

   criteria  of this  paragraph  and is  a  precursor to  a pollutant

   which is  listed under section 108(a) or to any pollutant which is

   in  a  class   of  pollutants  listed  under  such  section.    No

   substance, practice, process or activity regulated  under title VI

   of this  Act shall  be subject  to regulation  under this  section

   solely due to its adverse effects on the environment.

      "(3) Petitions to modify the list.-

         "(A) Beginning at any time after 6 months  after the date of

      enactment of the Clean  Air Act Amendments of 1990,  any person

      may  petition the Administrator to modify the list of hazardous

      air pollutants under  this subsection by  adding or deleting  a

      substance or, in case of  listed pollutants without CAS numbers

      (other than coke oven  emissions, mineral fibers, or polycyclic

      organic matter) removing certain  unique substances.  Within 18

      months  after receipt  of a  petition, the  Administrator shall

      either  grant or  deny  the petition  by  publishing a  written

      explanation  of the  reasons for the  Administrator's decision.

      Any such  petition shall include  a showing  by the  petitioner

      that  there is  adequate  data on  the health  or environmental

      defects of the  pollutant or other evidence adequate to support

      the petition.  The Administrator may not deny a petition solely

      on the basis of inadequate resources or time for review.   

         "(B)  The Administrator  shall add a  substance to  the list

      upon  a showing by the petitioner or on the Administrator's own

      determination that the  substance is an air  pollutant and that

      emissions,    ambient   concentrations,    bioaccumulation   or

      deposition  of  the  substance  are  known  to  cause   or  may

      reasonably  be anticipated  to cause  adverse effects  to human

      health or adverse environmental effects.   

         "(C)  The Administrator  shall delete  a substance  from the

      list upon a showing by the petitioner or on the Administrator's

      own determination that there is adequate data on the health and

      environmental  effects  of  the  substance  to  determine  that

      emissions,    ambient   concentrations,    bioaccumulation   or

      deposition of  the substance may not  reasonably be anticipated

      to cause any  adverse effects  to the human  health or  adverse

      environmental effects.   

         "(D)  The  Administrator shall  delete  one  or  more unique

      chemical  substances  that  contain  a   listed  hazardous  air

      pollutant  not  having  a  CAS  number  (other than  coke  oven

      emissions, mineral fibers, or polycyclic organic matter) upon a

      showing  by  the  petitioner  or  on  the  Administrator's  own

      determination that such unique chemical substances that contain

      the named chemical of such listed  hazardous air pollutant meet

      the   deletion   requirements  of   subparagraph   (C).     The

      Administrator must grant  or deny a deletion petition  prior to

      promulgating any  emission standards pursuant to subsection (d)

      applicable to  any source category  or subcategory of  a listed

      hazardous  air  pollutant without  a  CAS  number listed  under

      subsection  (b) for  which a deletion  petition has  been filed

      within 12 months of the date  of enactment of the Clean Air Act

      Amendments of 1990.   

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