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      "(4)  Further information.-If the Administrator determines that

   information  on the health or environmental effects of a substance

   is  not  sufficient  to  make  a  determination  required  by this

   subsection, the Administrator  may use any authority  available to

   the Administrator to acquire such information.   

      "(5) Test  methods.-The Administrator  may establish,  by rule,

   test measures and other analytic procedures for monitoring

   and measuring emissions, ambient  concentrations, deposition,  and

   bioaccumulation of hazardous air pollutants.   

      "(6) Prevention of significant deterioration.-The provisions of

   part C (prevention  of significant deterioration) shall  not apply

   to pollutants listed under this section.   

      "(7) Lead.-The Administrator may not  list elemental lead as  a

   hazardous air pollutant under this subsection.

   "(c) List of Source Categories.-

      "(1) In general.-Not  later than  12 months after  the date  of

   enactment   of  the   Clean  Air  Act   Amendments  of  1990,  the

   Administrator shall publish, and shall  from time to time,  but no

   less  often  than  every  8  years,  revise,  if  appropriate,  in

   response  to public  comment  or new  information,  a list  of all

   categories and  subcategories of  major sources  and area  sources

   (listed  under  paragraph  (3))  of  the   air  pollutants  listed

   pursuant to  subsection  (b).    To the  extent  practicable,  the

   categories  and subcategories listed  under this  subsection shall

   be  consistent with  the  list  of source  categories  established

   pursuant to  section 111 and  part C.   Nothing  in the  preceding

   sentence  limits   the  Administrator's  authority  to   establish

   subcategories under this section, as appropriate.   

      "(2)  Requirement for  emissions standards.-For  the categories

   and  subcategories  the  Administrator  lists,  the  Administrator

   shall  establish   emissions  standards   under  subsection   (d),

   according to the  schedule in this subsection and subsection (e).

      "(3) Area  sources.-The  Administrator shall  list  under  this

   subsection each category or subcategory of area sources  which the

   Administrator  finds presents a threat of adverse effects to human

   health or the  environment (by such sources individually or in the

   aggregate)  warranting  regulation  under   this  section.     The

   Administrator shall,  not later  than 5  years after  the date  of

   enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 and  pursuant to

   subsection  (k)(3)(B),   list,  based   on  actual   or  estimated

   aggregate  emissions   of  a   listed  pollutant  or   pollutants,

   sufficient categories or  subcategories of area sources  to ensure

   that  area  sources representing  90  percent of  the area  source

   emissions  of the  30  hazardous air  pollutants that  present the

   greatest threat  to public health in  the largest  number of urban

   areas  are  subject   to  regulation  under  this   section.  Such

   regulations shall  be promulgated  not later than  10 years  after

   such date of enactment.   

      "(4) Previously regulated categories.-The Administrator may, in

   the Administrator's discretion,  list any category or  subcategory

   of sources  previously regulated under  this section as in  effect

   before the  date of enactment of  the Clean Air  Act Amendments of


      "(5) Additional categories.-In addition to those categories and

   subcategories  of  sources  listed  for   regulation  pursuant  to

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