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   paragraphs  (1) and  (3), the Administrator  may at  any time list

   additional categories  and subcategories  of sources of  hazardous

   air  pollutants  according  to  the  same   criteria  for  listing

   applicable  under  such  paragraphs.     In  the  case  of  source

   categories and  subcategories  listed  after  publication  of  the

   initial  list  required  under  paragraph  (1)  or  (3),  emission

   standards under subsection

   (d)  for the  category or subcategory  shall be promulgated within

   10  years  after the  date  of  enactment  of  the Clean  Air  Act

   Amendments  of 1990,  or within 2  years after  the date  on which

   such category or subcategory is listed, whichever is later.   

      "(6)  Specific  pollutants.-With   respect  to  alkylated  lead

   compounds, polycyclic organic matter, hexachlorobenzene,  mercury,

   polychlorinated  biphenyls,  2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzofurans  and

   2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin, the Administrator  shall, not

   later than 5  years after the date  of enactment of the  Clean Air

   Act  Amendments of  1990,  list  categories and  subcategories  of

   sources assuring that  sources accounting for not less than 90 per

   centum of  the aggregate  emissions  of  each such  pollutant  are

   subject  to standards  under subsection  (d)(2) or  (d)(4).   Such

   standards shall be  promulgated not later than 10 years after such

   date  of enactment.    This paragraph  shall  not be  construed to

   require  the  Administrator  to  promulgate   standards  for  such

   pollutants emitted by electric utility  steam generating units.   

      "(7) Research facilities.-The  Administrator shall establish  a

   separate category  covering research or  laboratory facilities, as

   necessary to  assure the equitable  treatment of such  facilities.

   For purposes  of this section,  `research or laboratory  facility'

   means any  stationary source whose  primary purpose is to  conduct

   research and  development into new  processes and products,  where

   such  source   is  operated   under  the   close  supervision   of

   technically  trained   personnel  and  is   not  engaged  in   the

   manufacture of  products for commercial  sale in commerce,  except

   in a de minimis manner.   

      "(8) Boat manufacturing.-When establishing  emissions standards

   for styrene, the  Administrator shall list boat manufacturing as a

   separate  subcategory unless  the  Administrator  finds that  such

   listing would be  inconsistent with the goals and  requirements of

   this Act.   

      "(9) Deletions from the list.-

         "(A) Where  the sole  reason for the inclusion  of a  source

      category  on the  list required  under this  subsection  is the

      emission  of a  unique  chemical  substance, the  Administrator

      shall  delete  the  source category  from  the  list  if it  is

      appropriate because of action taken  under either subparagraphs

      (C) or (D) of subsection (b)(3).

           "(B)  The  Administrator  may delete  any  source category

      from  the list under this subsection, on petition of any person

      or   on   the   Administrator's   own   motion,   whenever  the

      Administrator    makes    the   following    determination   or

      determinations, as applicable:  

           "(i)  In the  case of hazardous  air pollutants emitted by

         sources in the category that may result in cancer in humans,

         a determination that no source in the category (or group  of

         sources in  the case of  area sources) emits such  hazardous

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