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   category or  subcategory shall  not  be  less stringent  than  the

   emission  control  that  is  achieved  in  practice  by  the  best

   controlled  similar source,  as determined  by  the Administrator.

   Emission standards promulgated under this subsection for  existing

   sources in  a category or subcategory  may be  less stringent than

   standards for new  sources in the same category or subcategory but

   shall not be less stringent, and may be more stringent than-   

         "(A) the  average emission  limitation achieved  by the best

      performing 12  percent of the  existing sources (for  which the

      Administrator  has  emissions  information),   excluding  those

      sources  that  have,  within  18  months  before  the  emission

      standard is proposed  or within 30 months  before such standard

      is promulgated, whichever is later,  first achieved a level  of

      emission rate  or emission  reduction which complies,  or would

      comply if the source is not subject to such  standard, with the

      lowest  achievable emission  rate (as  defined by  section 171)

      applicable to the source  category and prevailing at  the time,

      in the category or subcategory for categories and subcategories

      with 30 or more sources, or   

         "(B) the  average emission  limitation achieved  by the best

      performing 5 sources (for which  the Administrator has or could

      reasonably obtain  emissions  information) in  the category  or

      subcategory for categories or  subcategories with fewer than 30


      "(4) Health  threshold.-With respect to pollutants  for which a

   health  threshold  has been  established,  the  Administrator  may

   consider  such threshold  level, with  an ample  margin of safety,

   when establishing emission standards under this subsection.    

      "(5) Alternative standard  for area sources.-With  respect only

   to categories  and subcategories of  area sources listed  pursuant

   to  subsection  (c),  the  Administrator  may,  in  lieu  of   the

   authorities provided  in paragraph (2)  and subsection (f),  elect

   to promulgate standards  or requirements applicable to  sources in

   such  categories or  subcategories which  provide for  the use  of

   generally available control technologies  or management  practices

   by such sources  to reduce emissions of hazardous air pollutants.

      "(6) Review and revision.-The  Administrator shall review,  and

   revise  as   necessary  (taking   into  account   developments  in

   practices,   processes,   and  control   technologies),   emission

   standards promulgated  under this section no less often than every

   8 years.

      "(7)  Other  requirements  preserved.-No  emission  standard or

   other   requirement  promulgated  under   this  section  shall  be

   interpreted,  construed or  applied  to  diminish or  replace  the

   requirements  of a  more stringent  emission  limitation or  other

   applicable requirement established  pursuant to section 111,  part

   C or D, or other authority of this Act or a standard issued  under

   State authority.

      "(8) Coke Ovens.-   

         "(A)  Not later  than December  31, 1992,  the Administrator

      shall  promulgate  regulations establishing  emission standards

      under paragraphs (2) and  (3) of this subsection for  coke oven

      batteries.  In establishing  such standards,  the Administrator

      shall evaluate-

           "(i) the  use of  sodium silicate  (or equivalent)  luting

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