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         compounds  to  prevent   door  leaks,  and  other  operating

         practices  and  technologies   for  their  effectiveness  in

         reducing coke oven  emissions, and their suitability for use

         on new and existing coke oven batteries, taking into account

         costs and reasonable commercial door warranties; and  

           "(ii)  as  a  basis  for  emission  standards  under  this

         subsection   for  new   coke  oven   batteries   that  begin

         construction after  the date of  proposal of such standards,

         the Jewell design Thompson non-recovery coke  oven batteries

         and  other non-recovery  coke  oven technologies,  and other

         appropriate   emission   control    and   coke    production

         technologies, as  to their  effectiveness  in reducing  coke

         oven emissions and  their capability for production of steel

         quality coke.  

   Such  regulations  shall  require  at  a  minimum  that  coke oven

   batteries will  not  exceed 8  per  centum  leaking doors,  1  per

   centum  leaking  lids,  5 per  centum  leaking  offtakes,  and  16

   seconds  visible  emissions  per charge,  with  no  exclusion  for

   emissions  during the  period after  the  closing of  self-sealing

   oven doors.   Notwithstanding subsection (i), the  compliance date

   for  such emission  standards  for  existing coke  oven  batteries

   shall be December 31, 1995.

         "(B)  The  Administrator   shall  promulgate  work  practice

      regulations  under  this  subsection for  coke  oven  batteries

      requiring, as appropriate-

           "(i) the  use of  sodium silicate  (or equivalent)  luting

         compounds,  if  the  Administrator  determines that  use  of

         sodium silicate  is an effective  means of emissions control

         and is achievable,  taking into account costs and reasonable

         commercial warranties for doors and related equipment; and

           "(ii) door and jam cleaning practices.     Notwithstanding

         subsection (i),  the compliance date  for such work practice

         regulations for coke oven batteries shall be not later  than

         the date 3  years after the date  of enactment of  the Clean

         Air Act Amendments of 1990.

         "(C)  For coke  oven batteries  electing to  qualify  for an

      extension  of the  compliance  date for  standards  promulgated

      under subsection (f) in  accordance with subsection (i)(8), the

      emission  standards  under   this  subsection  for   coke  oven

      batteries shall require that  coke oven batteries not  exceed 8

      per  centum leaking  doors, 1  per centum  leaking lids,  5 per

      centum leaking  offtakes, and 16 seconds  visible emissions per

      charge, with no exclusion for emissions during the period after

      the closing  of self-sealing doors.  Notwithstanding subsection

      (i),  the  compliance  date  for such  emission  standards  for

      existing coke oven batteries seeking an exten-

      sion shall be not later than the date 3 years after the date of

      enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

      "(9)  Sources licensed by the nuclear regulatory commission.-No

   standard   for  radionuclide   emissions  from   any  category  or

   subcategory of  facilities  licensed  by  the  Nuclear  Regulatory

   Commission  (or an Agreement State)  is required to be promulgated

   under this section  if the Administrator determines,  by rule, and

   after consultation with  the Nuclear  Regulatory Commission,  that

   the  regulatory  program established  by  the  Nuclear  Regulatory

   Commission pursuant to  the Atomic Energy Act for such category or

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